Project A worksheet & self reflection

Hello Everyone,

Hope all of you doing well.

This is my project A done. It was really good project but I had some difficulties at begging with understanding the project.

This project was about creating and designing a brochure or booklet titled by Hero’s journey. All Graphic student watched two movies about Hero’s Journey, it was difficult for me when I watched because I did not understand how I am going to create a storytelling based on Hero’s Journey. Also, how I will show it in the folding proses and so on. As you now I love researching so I researched about Hero’s book & Hero storytelling but it was not that clear. I did my best in researching but that was not clear tell I ask my friends at the class about it. I understood the project little bit but I was really confused. I asked my professor too but I am was not that sure. So, I worked hard to do what know and to complete what I started with. I used Pinterest, Google, Instagram, and Youtube to search for examples. I did more than three different studies of booklets, storytelling’s layout, sketches for my characters and typography. First, I decided to do a book with folding pages inside. I started doing this but the result was not that good because the illustration took long time to be done and I did not have enough time to done with it. Also, when I sow students work there were amazing, there examples help me a lot in understanding the project, so I decided to change layout of you book to something more creative and unique also to something has more nice folding and has call adventure to the audience. I decided to create something looking like a book from outside and from inside looks more likely like a pages but no color pages so that I can put inside cards that have my illustrations and my call adventure at the backside of the card. I changed my style from coloring the illustration using Adobe photoshop through showing the shades of the landscape, cloths, texture and so on to technique of filling colors in the empty spaces directly. I chose black and white colors in coloring my illustrations so that it gave since of old black and white days. This help me more to done with my work faster than using the old technique. When I done with this part I asked my friends and family to give me feedback about my final print. I got some feedback about changing the colors in the way of make it more brightness and white.

I am really happy with the final result for my inside design but I phase second issue which is the cover page. I thought about using material to cover my page and that what I used, I used black martial and I covered the cover page. Next, the title of the book I did not know where I can put it exactly so I ask some my friends about the title how I can do it what is the better to do. So, most of them chose color print on the material. I chose blue color to make difference than just using B/W colors.

So, this the result of my Hero’s Journey Book :

Final Hero's Journey Book Final Hero's Journey Book

My worksheet process for this project:

pA_Worksheet final

cards final

Typography worksheet:


Thats All

Hope you like my final work.





How are you everyone?

This is a new semester for me. In this semester, I am going to learn new things about Graphic design. This course is Graphic Design 2.

The first project in this course is PROJECT A: ADVANCED EDITORIAL DESIGN.

Project Description:

This is an advance editorial design project, designing a booklet. After gaining some insights from the Gift-Giving-Experience Workshop, you will design a user experience for a user who needs to be convinced that he/she can be a hero. STORY TELLING, RADICAL INNOVATIVE LAYOUT, USER ACTION are some of the key words to keep in mind. A unique thought provoking design in terms of style, layout use of type + colors, and adding an interactive component where users can do something with booklet such as push or pull action, tear a part of the paper to see or do the next action, etc. The client has a targeted youth audience to test your design solution.


So, this is a description of the project and now I will start working on.

See you soon


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Self reflection about the final project


This is the last project and the last day in Graphic design 1 course . I really learned a lot in this class. I used a lot of different adobe programs and I really develop my skills in all of them. The best thing that I did not stop using just one adobe program in all my projects. I used all of them to create the playing card game, the book and the logo.

This project helped me a lot to trust my self and choose what I really want. Although, this project taught me how to share ideas and comments with my collages at the class. Also, it was very helpful in the way of thinking to develop the idea more and more. As I posted before, I chose a gift shop as a shop to create a logo for this is because I have a shop called “My theme” but the shop name and the logo are not really interesting to me because what this shop is selling a gifts for children and adults but in a traditionally touches. So, I chose “Hawee Betnaa” as a shop name because I am really like the name and interested in. Also, it is a very unique name too.

At the begging of thinking about the logo and the ideas, I got several ideas about windows and arches the old design of course. Also, this shape of logo represents a design of gifts box with ribbon. In addition, it has a design of islamic architecture. However, I tried my best to not copy the design it self. I think my process at the begging in this projects showing that. Although, the 20 images research helped me a lot to see the other companies or shops logos differently. I was more focus on the fonts and on the sizes. Also, I focused on the colors and how it is matching with the brand. There were some negative logos that some people chose them to their shops. However, there were good ones too. Also, the research to find some similar logos in the internet as reference to show the negative and the positive.

Another hard step for me to go forward was choosing the colors. I thought before creating the idea of the logo that I am going to choose natural color such as brown, green and orange. At the begging I did not know any thing about the pantone colors but when I research about them I really love these colors although these colors gave me a very nice of light and strong color that I did not saw it before. I chose the same colors that I thought about them before but that does not mean that I did not try to find other colors and play with them.

The next point was to put logo on materials was really hard for me to put the logo on wrapping paper. This is because the shape of wrapping paper has many carves. However, this did not stop me at all, I tried to create each one by using the Rotate tool. I did not know before that Illustrator has rotate and it is not that difficult but it needs more attentions.

In over all, this is a very useful project because this project helps us to deal very successful with soon projects in Graphic Design 2.

In my opinion, I really like this course and I really learned so many things. Also, I really know that someone else will help you to move on without stoping.

Thanks for all my collages

And special thanks to Denielle .. I really missed you in our last project in the course. Thank you for every thing you are really an amazing teacher. :*



Final submission of logo on materials


This is my final layout.

The final submission of logo on materials

The distribution in the last blog.

Please comment what do you think about the final.





Apply the logo to a variety of materials

Hi again

Apply materials

This is what I chose to apply the logo on:

– Business Card

– Price Tag

– Gift Ribbon

– Shopping Bag

– Gift wrapping paper (Orange and Yellow)

I used these materials because they represents my gift shop. As you know, people need from gift shop to wrap their gifts and tags to write things on & for price to know the price of object. Also, shopping bag makes a very beautiful advertising to the shop.


Thats all

I wish that  you like them





Final logo PDF


How are you?

This is the week of submission our finals.

This is my final logo submission for Graphic Design 1, project 3.

Final logo for project 3 submission.

Final logo for project 3 submission.

I used these colors to represent United Arab Emirates tradition and culture. Hawee Betnaa shop is a traditional gift shop. This shop sells gifts for children and adults with tradition touches. I used pantone color, CMYK and RGB.



Another Business Card Design


I did more design about the Business card.

Business Design cards

I chose the second card from first line as a front side. Also, I chose the third card from the same line as a back side of the card.

This is because it looks more simple and well arranged.


Apply logo to a business card


This is my final logo and today I want to show to you my process in creating the business card.

Business card

Business card

I chose this logo to present my traditional gift shop. The colors look more tradition and they have type of historical and cultural. Also, this logo represents an old window.

Thank you


Apply Pantone


Today I am going to post the final logo that I chose last class. Also, I am going to post my process in choosing the best color that match with my logo.

The final logo of Hawee Betnaa Shop

The final logo of Hawee Betnaa Shop

The final logo colour


Pantone color


I choose the first one in the second post, this is because it is more allegiant. Also,  why I choose these colours this is because these colours represent as natural color and all my work show something past and heritage.

leave your comment please about the colours that I chose and choose the best colour that match with my logo and my shop.

thank you